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Rachel Evans
Q&A with Dr. Bayad - Consultant Haematologist

Q&A with Dr. Bayad - Consultant Haematologist

At Kaizen Medical we are committed and passionate about giving our candidates the best experience, whilst helping them pursue their career goals and prepare for important events such as exams and relocation.

We recently did a Q&A with Dr Bayad who is a Consultant Haematologist. She has experience working in other countries and has now been in the UK for just over a year; so we spoke to her to find out about her journey.

Hi Dr. Bayad! What made you want to work in Healthcare and be a Doctor?

I come from a family of doctors. But my first inspiration was my mother. She is an obstetrician.

I loved the way she empathised with her patients, took care of them and how she always treated her patients as people - not just a case.

Even after retiring, her patients would still call and keep in touch. That happens when you not only heal people’s bodies, but also touch their hearts.

Why did you choose to specialise in Haematology?

I gained my interest during my residency, in which you have to rotate in different specialty and haematology just fit me well. I knew I would be a haematologist at that point .

How did you find the FRCPATH? What challenges did you face, if any?

I found it really interesting, yet challenging. It certainly needs good preparation and staying up-to-date with the current and new guidelines. As well as this, a proper knowledge of the UK’s system is essential.

The one thing I did find difficult was finding the time to prepare whilst working full-time.

What materials did you use to help you pass the exam?

I used the FRCPATH past papers, Vishal course BSCH and completed a practical haemostasis.

What were the main reasons for relocating to the UK?

It was time to take my profession to the next level. The NHS is well known as one of the world’s best health care systems.

The UK is also known for it’s cultural diversity and rich history. Therefore I had all the reasons to believe that I wouldn’t have difficulties integrating into the system, and I am glad I took the move.

Which route did you take to evidence your English language skills? What challenges did you face, if any?

I took the OET route and like preparing for the Royal college exams, I struggled to find time alongside working to prepare for this.

How did you find the relocation process with Kaizen Medical?

I personally found them very helpful, not only helping with paperwork, but also for social issues and were ready to answer any questions I had.

They were also very friendly and honest regarding the information they gave.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The challenge faced with each patient, and the moment of joy when you see your patient has moved to a safe harbour whilst gaining control over their lives or getting better.

The diagnosis may be the same but the course of treatment may differ from one patient to another.

What are the differences you have noticed between working in the NHS compared to other healthcare systems?

Comparing the NHS with other countries, the NHS is far better when dealing with patients when they are sick; especially the financial cost and most importantly when it comes to cancer treatment, where they are quick in the diagnostic process.

What challenges have you faced in your first year?

It was a tough year. COVID-19 has affected all aspects of life and I have been more isolated than ever.

However, I was blessed with colleagues who became more like family for me. They have been a great support this year and I am honoured and blessed to have worked with such a great team.

What advice would you give to any other Doctors looking to relocate?

*Begin younger: if you choose the UK to proceed with your career. Come early, to familiarize yourself with the system.

*Prepare well: For your language exam, PLAB or Royal college, make sure you read about the NHS system at the level you are coming to join.

*Don`t be afraid: NHS are one of the best systems to join, as they have many IMG support groups and many opportunities to learn.

Would you recommend Kaizen Medical to a friend?

Most definitely! It gives me great pleasure to have worked with them whilst they helped me seek my role in the UK, with no previous UK experience.

I would recommend them to anyone seeking help to find their career path. Thank you to Kaizen Medical for their time and consideration.